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Architects in Asheville NC

Architects in Asheville NC

Carlton-Edwards Architecture Firm: Harmonizing Builders and Architects in Asheville NC through DesignBuild

Here at Carlton-Edwards Architecture Firm we house some of the only architects in Asheville NC (and the rest of the country) that keep everything “in-house.” We implement both design and construction through Carlton-Edwards DesignBuild , the construction branch of Carlton-Edwards. Using this unified approach helps us keep the building costs honest, the deadlines on time and, most importantly, the integrity of the project intact. The typical way of new homebuilding goes something like this: the owner approaches architects in Asheville NC, the architects draw up plans, and then the plans are handed off to third-party suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, each of whom have their own chains of command, schedules, and processes. Carlton-Edwards architects in Asheville NC reign in the entire process, clearing the channels of communication and simplifying the process, so that the future-homeowner’s final product is uncompromised in quality.

Architects in Asheville NC Who Believe Greener is Better

Sustainability is our mission among the Carlton-Edwards architects in Asheville NC. We strive to becoming better stewards of the environment when it comes to building practices and site sensitivity. We regularly work to devise new methods and techniques to help shape the ever-evolving landscape of green architecture – techniques that fulfill both craftsmanship and sustainability. As sustainable architects in Asheville NC, we want to be sure your new home blends with the beautiful western North Carolina mountain landscapes that surround you whether you’re looking to build in Asheville, Brevard, Hendersonville, Fairview, Black Mountain, Weaverville, Wildcat Cliffs, Balsam Mountain, Bright’s Creek, Highlands, Cashiers, or many of our other NC mountain towns.

Architects in Asheville NC Defining the “Mountain Modern” Aesthetic

While a single label for the developing contemporary style in this region has yet to coalesce, “mountain modern” is an apt descriptor for the aesthetic quality manifested in homes like the Nethermead Residence by the Carlton-Edwards architects in Asheville NC. The mountains, forests, rivers and wildlife absolutely inform the designs our homes both inwardly and outwardly. We aspire to capture and reflect the beauty of nature while simultaneously anchoring your home with a welcoming sense of belonging. Modernist architecture can sometimes be a bit cold or and sterile with an overemphasis on function, but the architects in Asheville NC work to thaw those aspects, putting that “home” feel back into fully functional residential architecture.

Architects in Asheville NC Ready for Renovations and Complete Homebuilds Alike

The Carlton-Edwards architects in Asheville NC specialize in building green and luxury homes from the ground up, but we also welcome home renovation projects. Contact award-winning Carlton-Edwards for your future home.

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