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Asheville Architecture Firm

Asheville Architecture Firm

Carlton-Edwards: The Sustainable Asheville Architecture Firm

Carlton-Edwards is the Asheville architecture firm specializing in designing and building green and environmentally sustainable residences. If you’re familiar with the western North Carolina mountains, then you already know the bounty of natural beauty that serves as inspiration to the Carlton-Edwards architecture firm. Our firm also knows that it’s up to us to help protect that natural beauty for future generations to come. Our vision is to design and build homes that encapsulate, celebrate and reinvigorate the natural world through eco-conscious building practices that pay attention to site sensitivity and sustainable materials, without sacrificing craftsmanship or aesthetics.

Carlton-Edwards Asheville Architecture Firm Incorporates Design and Construction, Start to Finish

In addition to being a uniquely green Asheville architecture firm, Carlton-Edwards carries out the whole design-contract-build process in house. With other architecture firms the customer approaches an architect, the architect draws up the plans, and the plans are handed to a contractor, who then contracts with a supplier for materials and other sub-contractors to build. There’s really no clear authority in a situation with so many independent actors. Carlton-Edwards believes a more singular vision needs to be employed in order to ensure harmony and consistency.

Carlton-Edwards DesignBuild is the construction wing of the Asheville architecture firm, combining the entire process — design, materials, and building — in one Asheville architecture firm.

Award-winning Asheville Architecture Firm for Form and Function

Living, working, and playing in and among Western North Carolina should inspire a certain motif in an Asheville architecture firm. The architecture scene in Asheville is itself quite vibrant, with many modes, influences, and styles. One of the most recent and pervasive architectural movements is Modernism. Modernism has pros and cons like any other architectural design aesthetic. The cons include: 1) it’s about a century old, and 2) some may perceive Modernism as an overemphasis on function, resulting in cold, austere buildings. Carlton-Edwards Asheville Architecture firm strives to rethink traditional Modernism by incorporating the warmest elements of home. The results are our award-winning “mountain modern” homes.

Carlton-Edwards Asheville Architecture Firm Serves Many Locations

Carlton-Edwards specializes in luxury home design in western North Carolina. We currently serve Asheville, Brevard, Balsam Mountain, Keowee Falls, Reynolds Mountain, Boone, Bright’s Creek, Marshall, Wildcat Cliffs, Cashiers, Black Mountain, Lake Adger, and Highlands among many more mountain communities. Contact Carlton Architecture to get started on your next residential architecture venture.

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