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Asheville NC Architects

Asheville NC Architects

What are Residential Architects?

When some people think of architects, they picture designers of modern high-rises or prominent commercial buildings. Others think of the more unusual building designs that we see today. A lot of people aren’t aware that many modern architecture firms are in fact residential architects- that is to say, they specialize in creating home designs.

An even further subgenre of many residential architecture firms is green architecture. Green architecture is the practice of using resources more efficiently and using natural materials, while reducing impacts on the environment and even on human health. Many people pursue a green residential architecture firm for this reason – they yearn for a very special custom home which is unique, stunning, and environmentally friendly.

There is one such residential architectural design firm right here in Asheville NC – Carlton-Edwards. This well-regarded firm specializes in green architecture – one of the few  Asheville NC architects  that does.

Who is Carlton-Edwards?

~ A highly successful team of Asheville NC  residential architects. Carlton-Edwards was founded in 2005 by Rob Carlton of Asheville, NC. The firm is dedicated to providing custom home and commercial design of unsurpassed quality, while remaining dedicated to the protection of our natural resources.

Architects in Asheville, NC Create and Protect Beautiful Environments

Artisan cities are very rare, but one such city might be closer than you think!  Architects in Asheville , NC made their marks all throughout the city with their unique styles. Asheville has been known as the “Paris of the South” since the early 1900s. Many of the homes that residential architects created focused on natural influences. The styles ranged from Victorian to Green, and many of these residences still stand brilliantly today. As a result, residential architects in Asheville draw inspiration from their predecessors, as well as the spectacular natural surroundings.

Carlton-Edwards – Green Architects of Sustainable Housing

Carlton-Edwards is an Asheville NC architectural firm that looks to serve society and protect the environment, while spreading the beauty of their art. Many believe art must begin in the home, and those who do, appreciate the artistic gifts and high standards of these outstanding residential architects. Carlton-Edwards is dedicated to thoughtful architecture through the blending of excellence in design, environmentally sustainable building practices, site sensitivity and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

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