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Be Green, Build Green!

Be Green, Build Green!

Homeowners across the country are becoming aware that green is good, and that a  green home  is superlative.  Green building practices are becoming more and more mainstream. It’s all reflected in the  green design  of the buildings and the materials being used in their construction.

Of course the whole concept begins by teaming up with a  green architect . A green architect is aware of the environment and therefore creates designs and selects materials that are environmentally-friendly.

So What’s Good About a Green Home?

How about wealth, health and the future? Going green is a sound financial move. Want to cut those energy bills? Go green. Studies show you can save up to 50% of your heating and cooling bills in a green home. Solar panels, sensible insulation, shower nozzle, even your choice of light bulbs can mean you are saving money year after year. The investment in green materials will pay for itself in a few short years and thereafter continue to save you money. Oh – and don’t forget the energy-saving devices that will add real value to your green home.

We all care about our own and our family’s health. Green building materials are, by definition, healthy. They are far less polluted, if at all, than traditional materials which are often treated with a variety of chemicals. You will feel healthy and be healthy, living in your clean and  green house.

You will enjoy knowing that you’ve made a small but significant contribution to the well-being of our planet, and to the future of your family. The whole green movement began because of the damage done to Mother Earth. Think global, act local is what you are doing by building a green home.

The First Green Step

Visit some green display homes. Ask questions. Go online and read what you can about solar power and all things energy-saving. When it comes time to engage an architect, consider their focus. You need someone who is passionate about environmentally-friendly design and construction. Use the knowledge you’ve gained from researching the topic to explain and question your needs and ideas. It’s your house and it’s our Planet. Go green.

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