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What is Green Architecture?

What is Green Architecture?

Green development, sustainable design and eco housing. These commonly-used architectural terms fall under the umbrellas of ” green architecture ” or ” sustainable architecture “.

Green architecture ranges from achieving energy efficiency and using interior finishes which are nontoxic, to utilization of solar energy and using recycled materials for construction. One of the ways that this can be done is by using “green design” in the design and architecture of the residential  green house .  Green design  or green architecture offers a chance to construct buildings which are resource efficient and environmentally sound.

Green architecture promotes conservation of resources, including: increased energy efficiency, conservation of water, use of renewable energy, minimization of wastes, environmental conservation, reduction in maintenance and operational costs, preservation of history, and even ease of access to public transportation.

Benefits of Sustainable Architecture

There are many benefits of sustainable architecture. Conservation of non-renewable energy is one of them. Conservation of scarce materials is another. It also reduces our exposure to toxic materials. It emphasizes use of renewable energy sources and sustainable materials in the construction of the green home.

Sustainable architecture ensures protection of water resources, local air, soils, vegetation and other natural resources. With the ever increasing demand for oil, and rising energy costs, alternative energy or sustainable energy is the best way to go. A mass scale sustainable design can support mass transit, bicycles, pedestrians and other possible alternatives of fossil fueled vehicles.

Green design helps minimize external pollution and protects environmental depletion. It also minimizes internal pollution and protects the overall health of human beings.

Is Green Architecture Expensive?

People generally think that  green architects  are expensive to hire, but that’s not the case. Their costs run about the same as regular architects, and if one looks at the long term benefits of green architecture and green housing, both are far less expensive than conventional buildings.

Carlton-Edwards achieves the right balance among environmental concerns, costs, and aesthetic integrity. We take great pride in being good stewards of our environment and our profession. We utilize time-tested passive principles and emerging green technologies, while maintaining the highest standards of design.

In cultivating an ideology of impeccable craftsmanship, great attention to details, and sound environmental principles, we ensure a legacy of quality that can be wholly appreciated at every level.

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